Sammii talked a lot about balls in last week's Let's Play Super Stacker 2 Part 1!

Gabe and Sarah attempt to try out GTA V for next gen, but things went horribly wrong in last week's Let's Fail I Haven't Played!

Sarah played Destiny, Kim played a whole bunch of games, and Dustin played The Crew in last week's WIP Wednesday!

Clare showed us how to repopulate our Minecraft villages in last week's Minecraft How To!

Anthony talked about sexualization and chickens when he played Lollipop Chainsaw in last week's Diversifized!

Quick note: Diversifized will be on haitus until Anthony's done moving!

Game Nights/Livestreams:

At this point, Game Nights are kind of up in the air. There will definitely be gaming on Saturday afternoon/evening. As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter for the latest Game Night information!

Community Spotlight:

@StryfeRyder has featured our Minecraft How To - Brewing 101 in his first RTWU! Thanks so much for your support! Be sure to give him a watch or a friend request if you haven't done so already!

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