Virtual berated Walter for his sarcasm and hung out in a goo-filled room in last week's YCMOA Fable 3!

Sarah and Gabe made an incorrect assumption when they tried out Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in last week's I Haven't Played!

Clare taught us the best Minecraft life hacks to make playing easier in last week's Minecraft How To!

Sammii made messes and dealt with a surprise ending in last week's Let's Play Super Stacker 2!

Game Nights/Livestreams:

This weekend is all about heists!

This Saturday, March 14th at 6 PM CST we will be playing GTA V on the 360! To join the fun, message gamertag Lady Odd Duck

This Sunday, March 15th at 12 PM CST we will be playing GTA V on the PS3! To join the fun, add TheWordShaker on PSN!

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