Kim and Sarah finished up creepy Lester's heist in last week's I Haven't Played! In case you missed part 1, here's a convenient link!

Dasha played The Binding of Isaac and Kerbal Space Program, Sarah played Halo: Combat Evolved, and Kim played Tomb Raider in last week's WIP Wednesday!

Clare taught us all about enchanting in last week's Minecraft How To! This episode is the last planned in the series. A round of applause for Clare and all the wisdom/cleverness she's shared with us!

Game Nights/Livestreams:

There's nothing specific planned for the Xbox consoles this week, but we will for sure be playing at some point on Friday and Saturday evenings. Stay tuned to our Twitter account for more info!

This Sunday, April 19th at 12 PM CST we will be playing Destiny on PS4! Message Sherlock_Strikes on PSN to join the fun!

Community Spotlight:

We are very pleased to share that we are co-hosting an amazing event with RT SideQuest at RTX 2015! The special event will be a celebration of the creativity and passion all our fellow community members put into their work. We will be screening YOUR content together, enjoying the Drafthouse experience, and having a great time! Check out RT SideQuest's site for more information! If you have any questions about the event, please ask them here. We will share more information with you in the coming months!

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