Ready for even more GTA V shenanigans? We shared part 2 of our adventures in last week's Game Night!

Kim tried out Child of Light for the first time in last week's I Haven't Played!

Kim played Minecraft and Tomb Raider and Sarah played Destiny and Halo: Reach in last week's WIP Wednesday!


We had 2 semi-impromptu streams last weekend! First up was our 360 Game Night in Minecraft! You can check out the full stream right here! Next up, Clare streamed her PlayStation 4 Minecraft adventures! Watch her full stream here and some highlights here!

We're planning on doing even more streaming this weekend!

This Saturday, May 23rd at 6 PM CST we'll be playing GTA V!

This Sunday, May 24th at 12 PM CST Clare will be streaming more Minecraft!

You can catch both these streams on our Twitch channel!

Operation Supply Drop:

We'll also have a very special stream on Monday, May 25th for Operation Supply Drop! Many of you may already know, but Operation Supply Drop is a fantastic charity that provides a community connection to troops through gaming. They "Make Fun Where There is None" by sending care packages of consoles and games to deployed troops and recovery hospitals and much much more! Check out more of what they do here!

Now that you know all about OSD, here are the details for our charity stream:

What: Halo: MCC on Xbox One
When: Monday, May 25 at 12 PM CST
Where: On our Twitch channel -
How: We're going to start out on easy and for every $50 we raise, bump up the difficulty.

Our team goal is $500, but we'd love to exceed that! You are more than welcome to join the team and fundraise on your own or spread the word, tune in, and donate! Remember, the more you give, the higher level of difficulty we'll have to play on! Click here for our fundraising page!

See you at our streams!

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