Hi all!
It's been a while hasn't it? Summer is upon us once more, (well, it's been upon us for about a month now but that's not the point) and streams are as frequent as ever. Although between part time jobs, and Destiny sucking the lives out of most members, the AS has been pretty quiet. Until now!
*Cue intense music*
We are going to be having a 12 hour stream THIS SUNDAY!
But Emily, that's only 2 days away!
YOU'RE DARN RIGHT! But this isn't just some random thing we came up with to make our summer more exciting. We're hosting a donation stream for two members who have fallen on a very difficult period in their lives. I'm sure many of you know Tasia, or TheReaders as she's known on many social medias, as well as Michaela, or Spud as she is often referred to. Unfortunately both members have had a variety of very unfortunate events fall upon them. If you'd like to learn more information on where they stand, go here for Tasia's current situation and here for Michaela's. Located on both blogs I just linked are PayPals they have open, which is where our main focus for the stream will be. There are also multiple links to amazon wishlists for Tasia that outline the necessities and luxuries that she is without at the moment, for any who wish to donate and support her in that way.
I do wish to clarify, this was not something that Tasia or Michaela requested of us. The admins, myself included, believed that considering the influence and effort that they both have put into this community, they deserved some extra support.
Now to the information!
The stream itself will begin at 11AM Central Time, and will go until 11PM CT. We have asked several members of the community to help out, with the tentative list for streamers being Isaac, Caleb, Omar, Derrian, Ricky, and Cas, in that order, all with two hour blocks, save for Derrian and Ricky, who will be one hour each. There will be movies, games, countless memes and (hopefully) a lot of money raised for our good friends, Tasia and Michaela. So spread the word!
Thank you all so much.
~Emily (Heard-a-Rumor)