You guys are the best. Seriously!

There's been a lot of change happening leading up the penultimate RT community gathering. First our old website was deep-sixed for a newer one. It's not perfect yet but there are noticeable improvements everyday. Where other communities would have rioted, yelled, boycotted, etc... this community has not only taken it in stride but for the most part have been very supportive of @Adam and his team. Furthermore, reading the new site feedback topic, more often than not, you'll find positive bug reporting and suggestions, not commands and demands. I doubt we'd see these qualities en masse elsewhere.

On top of the dramatic change to the website, it was recently revealed that there was a slight change in the delivery method of RTX tickets. Naturally, there are some questions and some small quibbles, but instead of a sea of -1 WTF's, the community has rallied in their support and understanding of @Barbara and company. I can't think of too many places on the internet where such support and understanding can be found.

It may be redundant to say we're the best community around, because we already know that. That being said, it's good to see that pretty much in any situation, the community reminds us of just how awesome they are!