Lately, I've been consistently making some posts on here that qualify as personal essays. It's become so much easier for me to find things to write about, and I want to keep up writing these kinds of essays for as long as I can. This is the first time in my life I've actually enjoyed writing essays. I want to keep writing these so that I can become a better writer. I greatly appreciate each one of you who reads these long posts I make. Even so, our community is relatively small, and my profile also has a bunch of posts on it which do not qualify as personal essays. Because I want to have all of these sort of posts together in one place and get myself out there outside of the RT community, I've decided to start a blog on Wordpress. I will still continue posting to the RT site, but all of my essay-like posts will go onto my blog. I would appreciate it if y'all followed it or looked at it. It would make me so happy to have people read my work. It will be updated weekly, with some variation depending on how much school work I have.

Check it out at:

Best Wishes,

Aidan <3

P.S. On the blog I'm using the psuedonym Aidan RJ to avoid using my last name and because it has both of my middle names as initials and sounds cool to me.