So it's going to be a busy month for me.

Start out small, tomorrow evening my brother and I are going to see Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F in its limited North American theatrical release. And when I say limited, I mean really limited. It's showing exactly twice where we live, once today at 4 and once tomorrow at 7. So we just had to check it out.

The following morning, my girlfriend and I leave for RTX. Who am I going to run into this year? Let me know in the comments.

We've both got weekend RTX passes and all-access Sidequest badges, along with tickets for Master Pancake does Twister on Friday night (thanks for the idea, @Zack), and reservations at Fogo De Chao before the movie. So I expect it to be a busy and awesome weekend all around.

Its actually sort of a double vacation. RTX is my half. We get back from RTX on Monday night, and then Friday we leave again. We're flying to Seattle where she has us booked on a seven day Alaskan cruise. I've never been on a cruise before, but we've got several fun shore excursions booked as well as the special dining package for all the best onboard restaurants. I'm very excited.

So, yeah, August is going to be a busy time, and right now I want to be doing anything but working, which is why I wrote this journal instead. Excite!