RTX week is here! Wow, can you believe it? The year has flown by. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve questioned the meaning of life, and even raised money for charity! And now… WE GET TO HAVE FUN! Possibly with each other! Possibly avoiding each other the whole time. (We’re lookin’ at you Eddie.) But in any case, it’s going to be a crazy trip, and we’re all excited for it!

But, we gotta get serious for a second. This is a big event, filled with cool people, places and experiences, but there’s some things we all need to be a bit wary of. Let’s start with weather.

Welcome to Texas! It’s hot. Very hot. Stupidly hot in fact. Looking at the scheduled weather report, every day this week is going to hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For those of you with Celsius, or who just never have warm weather, that’s not a nice feeling. So, pack clothes for stupid hot weather. That means tank tops, shorts, light tee shirts, really anything that will keep you cooler longer. We also recommend packing sneakers, because, well RTX is big, and Austin is big, so you’ll probably be doing a crap ton of walking. Things like flip flops, or (God forbid) birkenstocks will be comfy for a bit, but not for long. And please, please, please, stay hydrated! Carry around a water bottle as much as possible, everywhere you can. No one wants to see their bud, that they’ve finally met after months of knowing each other, get heat stroke. That’s just not a fun time for anybody.

Now this next part, is a bit more difficult to talk about, but it has to be said. This is a big convention, and we all know from past panels that not every person who goes is a very great person. (Example one, guy who deep throated a mic two years ago.) With a convention this big, there’s going to be less than awesome people there. So, please, try to be safe. We recommend keeping a buddy with you at all times, someone you trust, perhaps someone you’re rooming with. Be aware of who you’re around, and keep in contact with your friends in case of an emergency. We love you all dearly, and know that if you find yourself in need of help, you can contact any admin, and we will send you someone. The admins that will be at RTX include: Grace (pacificspace), Brendan (sturben), Sunny (iwillfail), Jenna (wontontongirl), Ricky (KyxricXIII), Tasia (TheReaders), Chris (ataco98), Danny (Danny_C64), and Zach (CaptainZCaboose).

Grace in particular is someone who will be around frequently and almost always able to help. The best way to get a hold of them will be text or Twitter (@pacificspace). Please DM them for their phone number as an emergency contact.

Even those who are not present will be willing and able to help you, either by walking you through a situation, or by getting ahold of those who can come and get you themselves. As an example, Emily (HeardaRumor) is going to be available over twitter DM (@hrd_a_rumr), and kik (heardarumor), as well as any other messaging platform you may have her on! Or if you just want to talk to any admin, you can dm our twitter account (@Afterstreamers) and an admin will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Your safety is important to us.

NOW! Onto exciting, happy stuff! The AS meetup is a thing! For those that filled out the survey, our meetup is on Friday at 6pm, right outside the convention center.There’s a big patch of grass, almost like a park, where we will be meeting. For those who were there last year, it is where Tina conducted her meetup. After that, we will be going straight to the nearby IHOP on Cesar Chavez Street, where we have a reservation set for 6:30pm. Be prepared for fun, strange, and unforgettable happenings! Sadly, if you did not fill out the survey, you will need to make other dinner arrangements, as we have already informed IHOP of the amount of people we were expecting.

As a final note kids, have a great time, be wonderful to each other, and keep yourself and your friends safe. We care a bunch about you, and we all hope you have a fabulous time.

With love,

The AfterStreamer Admins