I have been a fan of this sight for several years. About when I was eight or nine years old my friend showed me Red Vs. Blue. I thought the show was really funny and I watched every episode on youtube. I waited till the end once and saw it said to see more at Roosterteeth.com, so I went to the sight and started watching every episode again. I was only watching RVB and nothing else, then one day I saw the Achievement Hunter tab at the top of the page. I was confused as t what it was, so i decided to check it out. From that point I was interested in all that the sight could offer, and I was watching every episode that I possible could. I finally made an account on the sight and started to look around on the community. I noticed that you could send messages to people on the site, and i had messaged a few people and the first person that I had gotten a reply from was Kara. From that point I had kept trying to talk to as many employees from Rooster Teeth as possible. Although i have not had much luck, but I still try and participate in the community and help as much as I can. I applied to be one of the guardians at RTX, but I was not selected and i will have to try again next year. I have found this community and the staff of Rooster Teeth to be the best, and some of the most supportive of everyone in it.


Joe H.