So far so awesome! The RT community is amazing. I've been able to talk to so many people while I wait in line. This is a huge deal for me as I have some occasionally crippling shyness.

The panels and events have been fantastic. I only wish that I could have attended more of them. I missed the RWBY panel, but I did get into the Internet Box podcast. I also missed a number of other events that I really wanted to see, but I did go through the murder room. I guess I'm a little disappointed with myself for not having everything together enough to get to everything. On the other hand, there's so much I can't possibly do everything.

Tomorrow's the big day, though. There's so much I want to do. I'm nailing down a plan right now.

And now on to something that has captivated me all day. The cosplays. There are some FANTASTIC cosplays out there. Any photos will not do them justice, but I took them anyway.

Overall great first day of RTX. Here's to an even better one tomorrow.