RTX 2015 if officially a wrap. Throughout the convention I got to talk and play with many awesome, kind, and interesting people. Unfortunately I didn't get any contact info for continued conversations, but that's ok.

Today was a great convention day in which I found someone cosplaying as a Sim, got to play Munchkin Steampunk (Which hasn't come out yet), learned about contributing to the Community Hunter community, and learned about streaming on Twitch. This will happen. Stay tuned. This place has been so full of creativity, passion, and ability that I leave inspired to create more.

I would also like to note the memorial to Monty Oum. Monty is a great inspiration in my life and his death was a huge blow to the Rooster Teeth community. However, his words and works live on to continue to inspire us. The memorial was an amazing testament to that and I am honored to have been able to make a contribution, however small.

Photos will follow once my feet stop rebelling and I'm not so exhausted.

I close this post in the words of Monty Oum.

Keep moving forward.