I do firmly believe that the real test of growth, mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes from when we are knocked down. And right now, I am the most down I have ever been. I have been rejected from a scholarship that would permit me to do a Masters degree this year. And this means I am currently stuck in an awful job with a horrible boss and the worst part is that asides from my parents I am completely alone. I know no one who lives in my hometown anymore, they were lucky enough to find love or careers somewhere else.

Last year I suffered an emotional trauma where I lost all my close friends in my hometown and in March of this year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy right now and it's the worst thing to watch the person you love most in the world become ill. I have not lost the fight to pursue the career I want however right now, in this moment I fear the worst for my emotional state. I feel lonely, exhausted and worried that anyone I am close to will drift away.

And you know the only thing that makes me really happy? Rooster Teeth. It's my escape from my life but right now, I need support. I don't know how many people will read this. But things are looking pretty low right now.