so I've been introduced to a couple new anime shows by my friend and it's been a great time waster lol. The animes are Jojos bizarre adventures and Sword Art Online. I've watched all of what Crunchyroll has to offer on both animes and I was very satisfied with Jojos ending. The anime itself is still going in the manga so I don't think the anime is done lol. If you guys watch it, be warned! It is a little messed up in the beginning (which anime isn't?) but it gets better and it doesn't focus on just one specific person as the protagonist. The anime spans over different time periods with each protagonist having the nickname JoJo. Sword art online is in one word.....different 'll but I like it.

Anyways, things are going smoothly for me, and I can't really complain much. I'm going to be moving in with my friend here as soon as my lease is done cause I'm sorry but $945 as a baseline for rent each month for a rickety 2 bedroom apartment that was built in the late 50s is kinda a joke lol

So how've you guys been?