I was pretty lucky and had the opportunity to meet all of Funhaus twice as well as Matt, Spoole, and Joel three times. I can easily say they really made my RTX experience the best yet. I was already a big fan of their content but meeting them actually made me love them even more. I'm not exactly the best at words but I wanted to take the time to write a bit about my experience with them and just kinda thank them for being so nice to every single person they met.

I don't want to ramble because god knows I can talk about this for way too long. So I met them all the first day at their booth. I shook all their hands and they were all so sweet and interactive with both me and each other. After the picture I asked for hugs to which Joel & James without hesitant both went for right away. Lawrence got "upset" when I hugged Peake before him but then gave me the biggest squeeze when I said he was next. And when I thanked them, Bruce made sure to thank me for waiting which is so nice.

Then the second day was my signing with them and when I brought the safety goggles I decorated for them. As soon as I walked up Peake recognized me from before and asked me to remind him of my name (which I had actually forgot to tell them the first time because I was so excited). They all said hi and genuinely seemed so excited about the silly goggles I gave them.

Finally on the third day, I really wanted to just get a selfie with Bruce so I went with some of my friends who hadn't met them yet to see the guys. However, there was this big misunderstanding and basically we had stood in line for 3ish hours for no reason because 4 of the guys had obligations and the others probably weren't going to show up. However, as the guardian was explaining this to us Joel runs up. I just thought it was so incredibly nice of him to show up despite needing to be somewhere later on just so he could meet people. So I made sure to thank him for showing up. As soon as my friends and I left, Spoole, Peake, and James all show up. Luckily the guardian let us back in line since we were so nice to her earlier. I didn't get to see James that day because he had to go host on center stage but just the fact that he showed up to meet people and probably made their day is amazing. Peake recognized me again which is very flattering that he even remembered me once and he and Spoole were nice as always and again I made sure to thank them.

Even though I didn't get my selfie with Bruce (hopefully I can make that happen next year lol) it didn't made because both my friends and I had such a great time and was able to meet them at all. This got real long real fast but basically I hope Funhaus knows how happy they made me and so many other people. Their panel and just meeting them were the highlight of my RTX. Also, technically not a part of Funhaus but Elyse Willems was the absolutely best and the fact that she remembered me enough to mention me in the update video makes me feel so special

TLDR: Thank you to Funhaus for being so nice to my friends and me at RTX. If any of you by some weird chance read this, I just hope you know that you guys made me and many others very happy. Also I hope you enjoy the goggles <3