Well... it's been a--whoa, holy shit! This site's changed!

Before all you start saying "where the fuck have you been bruh," let me clarify that I saw the new site when it debuted and I think that aside from a bug here and there, it's pretty good. It's got a ways to go though. There's my opinion on the new site. (Major props to the Tech Department for allowing us the opportunity to change our name without messaging a community manager or whoever, by the way. That's a huge help, and I really appreciate that!)

Now the real news. (insert obligatory trollface here)

I'm beginning my final semester at community college rather soon, and I will be a college graduate at the end of the year! It's so hard to believe that after all this time, all the hardship I went through and all the money, I'm finally going to be finishing up stage two of my higher education career and move onto stage three. (Stage one was prep school, that was two years ago.) Between my failing out of UMaine, getting cheated on by my ex-girlfriend, fighting the school administration, and all this unnecessary and avoidable bullshit that I admit I put myself into, it's finally paying off. I'm one proud dude in a spiff-ass suit right now, and I'm on top of the world, sharing it only with one person.

Yep, that's right, I'm in love with a girl! She's been such a strong supporter of me in my life these last four months we've been together, and I love talking to her and making her smile and being with her and so many other things that involve her. She makes me happy every single day and I'm forever grateful to have her in my life.

Meanwhile, in my quest of being a professional college student, I've been slowly taking over the world like the way Robin Lord Taylor takes over the city of Gotham in the TV show on Fox. Except without the dead bodies, of course. Lol. I've received a $900 scholarship, which pays a massive portion of my tuition, my GPA has consistently remained above a 3.0 since the end of last summer, I was an officer at my student newspaper last year, and the biggest news of all?


That's right, I got that baby published in three different Connecticut newspapers, one of which is incredibly close to the New York media market (the biggest market in the country along with Los Angeles). The tl;dr version goes like so:

  • The Connecticut Community Colleges are run by a quasi-political entity called the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education.
  • This board likes to raise our tuition. A lot.
  • The money they get from tuition raises goes to empty administrative jobs that pay six-figure salaries for pushing papers and not working with students.
  • Faculty that work with students are being laid off and programs, a lot of which are new, are being shut down.
  • Other administrators that see how much of a shit-show this is are leaving voluntarily and students are following.
  • As a result, tuition money collected by the school is lower than forecast, and the cycle repeats.

So yeah. My editorial explained that in short, with some colorful but semi-PC language, and really struck a few nerves. I've finally made it guys!

A few other briefs from my life (I love this new bullet-point feature),

  • I got a job working at my local Five Guys restaurant, and I'm making stupid bank. in both paychecks and tips. Ka-ching!
  • I recently got into cosplay thanks to my beautiful girlfriend and I attended ConnectiCon 2015 as three characters: Harvey Bullock from Gotham, Professor Ozpin from (you KNOW!), and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 on my girlfriend's recommendation. (Those that understand DR know that Kuzuryu and Peko are super shippy, so we did that together and we had people squealing at how cute we are.) I'm a maybe on attending New Hampshire's AAC, PAX East 2016, Anime Boston 2016, New York ComicCon 2016, and other things that may fill the void. I'm shooting for Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh at at least one of those, by the way.
  • Last March going into April, I volunteered with the State DOT to help people around our new rapid transit system, CTfastrak, which I've discussed previously here, I think. That was a total blast and I wish I could do that every day of my life.
  • I made a Tumblr. Two, actually. The first one, my main one, is laporting4duty, and my blog title is a Walt Whitman quote from my favorite poem ever, "O Me! O Life!." The second one is an aesthetic blog, called featsofhumanity, geared towards public transportation and skyscrapers here in the Northeast. I'll be making some trips to Boston and New York soon, so pictures and videos from both of those cities will be good. (World Trade Center Transportation Hub, here I come you beautiful, ethereal beast!)

That's pretty much it for my life. I feel like the Rooster Teeth site is like that ex-girlfriend that you still have a good relationship with, but that you don't really talk to very often because it's awkward. I'll continue to try to post as much as I can here, but no guarantees. If you want to see me on the regular, follow my Instagram @beastblood4li4e and my Tumblr @LaPorting4Duty. I'm always there.

Until next time,

"Be excellent to each other."

-Bill from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

(Also, on some REAL shit, even bigger thanks to the Tech Department for getting rid of that annoying-ass character limit! Jesus God, that drove me insane!)