Hey guys. So…this is different than what I’m used to doing but I’m currently in a very big pickle that’s effecting me and my family emotionally.

I’m $15,000 short on paying my bill for the semester at Berklee. FAFSA has stated that I am considered an independent I can no longer receive the Direct PLUS Loan nor the Parent PLUS Loan that has been helping make up the difference for Berklee the past 3 years. My parents cannot co-sign a private loan due to their life savings being shot after an emergency surgery my dad needed.

School starts in 2 weeks for me and if I can make up the balance before September 8th I can stay in the dorms and keep my class schedule.

My GoFundMe is here

I seriously have called and emailed everyone I can right now but this is the only options I know currently of how to get immediate help.

Anything helps, and if you can’t afford, please share this. I’d be so grateful. I really would like to able to finish my last semester of Berklee…of college…so I can graduate in May.