Just returned from my Alaskan cruise. It was awesome. Did lots of fun things. Ate lots of good food, probably way too much food, but whatever.

We spent yesterday evening in Victoria, BC, Canada. Pretty neat place. We mainly walked around in the area not terribly far from the cruise ship dock. We found a nice little place for dinner called Harbour House, amazing steak and lobster.

Age of Ultron was playing at the nearby IMAX, but after stopping there we decided it would be cutting it too close to the ship's departure time to try and see it. Very sad. After that, we walked around a bit, hoping to stumble across a Tim Horton's, because my girlfriend had read that they have free wifi. As it turns out, there is not, in fact, a Tim Horton's on every corner in Canada. Shocking, I know. We did find a Starbucks though.

Anyway, it was a great time, but tired now.