Hi Everyone,

I’d like to take a quick moment of your time to tell you about the one unfortunate issue I had to deal with at RTX.

I will start by saying this issue had nothing to do with the con itself, but with con housing that was organized by a certain Rooster Teeth user.

I came across this forum thread about housing for the convention. Since I was arriving early and staying late, I figured it would be perfect for me: https://roosterteeth.com/forum/rtx-2015/topic/2259983?page=1

The price was reasonable, two payments of $122.50, the group and the organizer were active and chatty leading up to the convention and everything seemed fine. Until check in day.

Myself, and just about every other roomie showed up at various times at the address given, with all of our bags only to slowly realize we’d been had. There was no housing and we were all out $245. We were left scrambling for last minute accomidations and I was fortunate enough to crash with a few good friends and one new one. In that thread linked above, I’ve posted only what I knew as fact and no speculations. Here, I will post both.

What I do know is that the organizer had actually at one point planned to book the room. She spoke with the loft owner, explained to him how she was fundraising, and told him she would definitely be booking. She then went silent on him, so after a few weeks, he rented it to someone else. The organizer still continued to collect money and chat with us like everything was normal. I’ve heard anywhere from 30 to 80 people sent her money. I’ve also heard that she used the funds to get married. I’m not even convinced she’s a Rooster Teeth fan. >:(

Anyway, I sent one payment through my credit card and one through PayPal. Because financial institutions are on your side so long as it’s not their money in question, both refunded me my payments. I’m happy to help anyone else get their money back too. I know I was too trusting and I believe I’ve learned from that mistake. Still, every other RTX attendee has been nothing but kind and caring. I’d hate to become jaded because of a few awful people.

I’m making this post to raise awareness. Avoid getting scammed by keeping records, using sources like PayPal and having multiple methods of contact when people take your money. Stay safe, have fun, and I’ll see you at RTX 2016.