It's been a while since I've posted about my progress toward total world dominat- I... I mean...progress toward getting meaningless trophies for the act of earning other equally pointless trophies.

That being said, what a great game to come back to! That's entirely sarcasm. The first 4 hours of the game were really fun. I sat back and relaxed one Saturday morning and got all the trophies while listening to a single episode of Painkiller Already.

Then there was Flappy Goat...

Of all the pointless difficulty spikes I've ever seen, this one surely takes the cake, devours it whole, shits it back out, covers it with chocolate frosting and serves it back to me with a side of insomnia. All the happy was drained from my face slowly over the course of the next two days of mashing the triangle button in a rhythmic, mind-numbing pattern. Jump-Jump-Jump-Jump-Jump-"Fuck you!"-Retry-Start-Jump-Jump-"What the Fuck?!"-Repeat.

@KyleDoesGTA even showed up toward the end and documented my self-inflicted torture via goat.

But eventually, I "Fuck!"-ed and "Go Die!"-ed my way to victory and saved that little goat from the tyranny of those little ladder things. Good fucking riddance Flappy Goat.