Going back into another hockey season close to home and editing some new videos. During the summer I did these things:

  • Upgraded my computer
  • Fell in love with MOBAs (Smite & Heroes of the Storm)
  • Played too much Destiny
  • Took a vacation to the beach
  • Still paying off Student loans
  • And finally... ate a veggie burger

It was a busy summer. More than when I attending college during summer months. Focusing on finish this year on a high note, while deciding what to do next year? Pax East is reportedly set in April, but after this year I have been split 50-50 on returning. It was a bit of stretch this year and I didn't feel greatly excited from what was all their (expect RT and FunHaus). So I have to see in October when the tickets are out if I should go for another year. If you haven't been there, I would recommend it on the city itself and meeting a great amount of gamers just like yourself. I have a lot of footage over the last couple of years being up the BCEC, so I might start working on a video to highlight some of the moments I've seen. Anyway it was nice to post a journal again. Hoping to do another in the near future. Later!