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This week on the Shizno, we once again had the opportunity to interview Miles Luna, the writer and director of the Chorus Trilogy of Red vs. Blue, and the voice of Felix!

Walking 57 Miles this week are Patrick (twofouroneten), rane0, Kaden (nonegenderwithleftbeef), daftprodigy, and Churboose (churbooseanon). Being interviewed by us is the one and only milesluna! :D

A very heartfelt thank-you to @Miles for coming to talk to the Shizno again this season. You are always welcome back! ONE OF US, ONE OF US...

Also, the biggest of shouts-out to @niriall for organizing this interview. You’re awesome :D And thanks to all of our Shiznoid question-writers for coming up with great things to talk about!

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