So I am an extremely proud resident of North Carolina and a huge Rooster Teeth fan. I want to put these two things together and get more involved with the community!

I've scoured the internet for anything pertaining to North Carolina and Rooster Teeth, and I'm only finding groups and pages that haven't been updated in a while. I'm feeling like I should simply go ahead and start a group and start getting the word out about RT/AH fans in NC. We're such a great state, and I know there's plenty of fans here considering the size of NC.

I have some questions about it though. How would I start it up? How would I get the word out? How would I recruit? What kind of events could be planned? How do I run a group? How do I set up a group? Where would the events be held? I'm open to suggestions, and I'm actively seeking them.

Of course, I will be looking for someone to help me start all of this, so if you're interested, please let me know! Also if you have the answers to my above questions, please please let me know.

I can't wait to start reaching out to the community in NC and get an active group up and running!

EDIT: For general updates about this setup, please go follow!