First journal entry on the new site actually have some significance in my life.

I'm finally moving out of home! After 21 years of mooching off my parents I've finally decided to fly the coop. I'm leaving my home in a little country town called Grafton to the big smoke that is the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. I've been contemplating this move for a bit over a year now and I have decided to bite the bullet and take the dive.

For the last two years I have had to travel 2-3 times a week to university (each return trip being around 2 hours), which has made it near impossible to create actual consistent connections with people I went to university with. I'm hoping that this change of scenery will be able to provide me with a more engaging and enjoyable university experience when I start back at uni in March. Until then, I gotta find a job and find a place to stay and get settled in a city I have only ever been to once :D

Also, I'm really looking forward to living somewhere that there are people other than me and my little bro that enjoy RT content (Shout out Roo Teeth Victoria)

If you read this than thanks, and have a great day/night!