"Great people do things before they're ready" -Amy Poehler

I'm planning on doing my college internship in London, England. While I'm excited and preparing as much as I can (it's a very long process with applying to grants, scholarships, getting my passport, then placement, then visa), I don't think anyone can prepare enough to be ready for something like this. Spending months away from family/friends across an ocean. I'm working heard to get there though and to have that experience.

The program I'm using to intern abroad wants me to prove that I won't be doing this alone and that I'll have outside support from friends and family. I was advised to set up a GoFund Me to prove this. So far I've had enough help to afford the passport and use the rest for the Visa.

If you'd like to support me on this big step I'm taking, you can donate here: http://gofundme.com/5f6pqyj5

I'll be sending personalized letters to those who donate more than $5 and drawing silly things or whatever hahaha.

Thank you so much!!!!