Okay....So I havn't really been on the RT site much in a while....but I promise I have a good reason!

1 - I started University

I'm in Uni now....it's hard and it takes up a lot of time. However I still browse the RT Subreddit when I'm not working in class, gotta keep posting those rules!

2 - I got a girlfriend.

I know....it's a massive shock.....But anyway, it was just my best friend who became something more, and it only takes up a but more time.

3 - I've been working on secret stuff.

You may know from my previous posts or by talking to me that I'm an actor, so I've been busy doing some small things, and along with that, I am also an extra. You may of seen me last year in Game of Thrones at Castle Black. Recently I have been working on another TV show however I can not talk about that just yet due to signing an NDA. It took up a lot of time but I think that is me finished with it (for now) so I wanna be on more.

4 - Steam

This one....yeah you can guess