Dear Rooster Teeth,

I think your new phone app is going to be dangerous for my health. Well, not in a bad way, but , it is giving me the strangest dreams.You see, I usually watch a few shows here and there before bed time...

-cue harp music-

There I was ,happily checking into the Intercontinental Stephan F. Austin Hotel on Congress. The concierge gave me my room number and much to my delight was informed that there was a mix up with rooms so they gave me a presidential suite instead. I head up to my room, open the door, and there is the biggest mother fucken room I have ever seen. It was a mansion, with hallways leading to numerous rooms, marble floors, a big ass kitchen, and a convention sized theater room with rows of seating.

I proceed to unpack my suitcase on my bed near a window and I hear shouting. I open my window and see there is some sort of marathon race going on, but everyone is wearing UT Longhorn shirts. For some weird reason, I am able to reach out and high five people going by. I see three guys in Rooster Teeth shirts. They high five me and lean against my window.

"Hey Rem!", they shout to me from the window, "we heard you on your stream, we need a place to set up for the next podcast, can we use your room?"


This huge crew of people come in to the theater room, set up three big screens, a panel sized table, and start up a podcast within seconds. Crazy.

Then I realize, that these mother fuckers decided to invite people for an after party. Before I know it, my hotel room is filled with HUNDREDS of people. I remember thinking to myself, "Holy shit I don't have enough beer and fruit!"

I run out and buy loads of beer and bananas. Blaine and Gus enjoy all the bananas while the podcast is going on.

The party really starts thumping now. People are getting crunk, and I start to play maid. Making sure the hallways are empty of trash, I remember sweeping and running around. Then I see Burnie, hes eating Mooncakes, and I yell out,

"BURNIE! We need to set up for the pillow lazer tag!"

Then *poof* we are all playing this epic laser tag with pillows. Where you hold the pillow and press the bottom two corners and lasers come out from the top. Everyone is shooting the lasers and drinking and it looks like a light show out of Disneyland.

After the laser pillow tag, a hand shoves some papers in my face and tells me I need a lawyer. It's the hotel manger, saying that we have to pay $500,000 dollars by the end of the night for having so many people over. Barb and Burnie start to freak the fuck out, and I'm like "I got this"

I walk over and tell the manager that there was nothing to be concerned about. The party was under control and I was in charge of cleaning and maintaining the room. I smile. He smiles. Everything is fine.

I go back into the room and the party is still going on. Someone complains of the toilet being clogged. I clean it. The Podcast is now over and people are starting to leave. I turn around and see Miles laughing hysterically at something. As I move closer to see what it is, he is just pointing at something, laughing and laughing. I remember I NEEDED to see it. When I get up to Miles I turn to look and then

I wake up.

So this is what I get from my dream:

1. I am officially a RT Janitor

2. I am good with a smile

3. RT knows how to party