you were the one

who held me down and told me

i was heading nowhere

you said know your place

accept your fate and show good face

and be thankful that you’re there

that was so long ago

when you owned me

i believed it was true

bend me shape me

build me break me

why was I your fool?

and now I’m so much stronger

i’m not yours any longer

i’ve got a message here for you

hey wait turn and show your face

i’ve got a lot to say and you’re not

going anywhere

you lose the time you ruled me’s through

i’m in control I own my soul

and i’ll never go back there

wasted years that I spent

never knowing

i was kept, i was used



now i just refuse

i don’t care what it costs me

i know I almost lost me

won’t spend another day confused

time for you to learn

it’s my turn

I won’t be held down any longer

i’ve waited all my life and finally it’s here

it all begins

a chance to win

a dream that’s been a lifetime

an endless vast uphill climb

the day i’ve waited for is drawing near