Hey All!

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the match with RTUK again. To make this match open to more of us and easier to play, we're going to play Halo MCC, Swat mode, teams of 4, game to 5. That being said, we would want to get this match done this week. If you are available this week for some fun Halo MCC times, please follow the links below and let us know when you're available. We'd like to play earlier in the afternoon so our friends across the pond don't have to stay up too late. ;)



We've also reached out to the Afterstreamers to get ready for our round 3 matches. Nothing has been planned out yet, but go ahead and head to the new forum thread to see when we're all available.


On a side note. Let's plan on trying to have community days around our local areas this month. This could be anything from a big meetup to a few friends hanging out watching RT awesomeness. All of you Orlando peeps, see if you guys can get a big meet going. I know there a quite a few of you there. ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!