Was going to start working out this past well, but then got hit with a stomach virus. Still trying to get over it.

Upside, lol, lost 3lbs while being sick. Wow, thanks illness.

I also think part of that has to do with I have moved to drinking cashew milk instead of rice milk.
Rice Milk is like 130 cals per cup, but Cashew Milk is like 30cals and Chocolate Cashew Milk is 60cals.

My diet has changed a bit since BuffBuddies started. Trying to eat better and eat so many sweets.

For some years now I have been eating Gluten and Dairy Free, but kept eating too many of the sweets. Like chocolate bars, cashew ice cream, animal crackers, cookies, etc.

I've started writing what I've been eating down. Seeing how things are and what effects me.

My goal is to start doing the Jullian Michael's work out again. One of the ones that they have on Xbox Fitness.
I was doing that for a month this summer, but then my knees started bothering me and I took a break that never ended.
So after I over this stomach bug, I'm going to start doing the week one content again and stick with that. Doing it to my best of my ability, cause week two looks like death.

I really don't wish to put my weight up ... not at this time. If I stick with it and lose more, and get healthier, then I may just put it up.

So Tasks:
Jullian Michael's Work Out
Less Sweets
Stick with Gluten/Dairy Free
Get more vitamins in
Keep taking that icky fish oil (I for the life of me can't take it normal or I burp up citrus. So I make a smoothie out of it.)

Feel better and be healthier. Lean up and tone. Feel better about myself and be able to start actually doing Cosplays I want so badly to do.