Thanks to a retweet from Achievement Hunter, RT NC now has 130 followers on Twitter. In a little over a month, having a community group for North Carolina has gone from a small hope to an actuality.

Late September, I set out to join the already created group for a Rooster Teeth community group in North Carolina. After a while, I reached the conclusion that the group was completely inactive and I was out of luck. Thankfully, some lovely friends of mine suggested that I start my own, and here we are now.

When I started RT NC, I thought it would last for a couple of weeks, gain only a few followers, and then fizzle out. However, thanks to the love, support, advice, and retweets from the RT Community, RT NC has grown so quickly into a real group with daily interactions happening and even plans for a first meetup! On top of that, I believe I'm reaching a point where I may have to find another admin to help me!

This is so incredible to experience. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice, answered my silly questions, and told me to "Shia LaBeouf" my idea and JUST DO IT. In this small amount of time, I have learned so much and have chatted with so many great people. I can't wait to see what great things are going to happen with this group and can't wait to discover what else I learn with this amazing community.

To everyone who recently followed, thanks so much for your excitement with the group! Your energy and love is what is going to keep this going, so keep it up and continue to spread the word. To those who have been there from the beginning, RT NC would still be stuck at 2 followers without you. I honestly have no words for how thankful I am.

Please and love y'all,