For a random variety of reasons that are too boring to go into here, I have 4 days off next week.

Sunday I have a concert (hey everyone come hear me Messiah again!) and then starting Monday the 23rd I have 4 straight days with no work. No gigs. No students. No vacation plans. No conventions. Just an appointment on Tuesday and then Glib Shark recording.

I can't begin to think of the last time I had this much time off in a row.

The wrinkle is my lack of money to do anything during that time. Luke and I are dirt poor, so STAY-CATION TIME!

Not that it's a bad thing. I'm perfectly happy just playing video games all day. And there are several shows I have yet to catch up on. Plus I can make ALL OF THE OBOE REEDS. Anyone want an oboe reed for Christmas or Hanukkah? I'll even give you a choice of colors.

What plans do you have for Turkey Day?