Okay everyone, I figure we have enough responses from the poll to pick out a date. Results are below.

After Thanksgiving, but before Christmas (beginning of December) - 8
Any time, sign me up - 7
After the new year (like it says, sometime early 2016) - 7

So it looks like we'll have a meet up the beginning of December to start with. Then, as Chris suggested, we'll also do one in January for the Lazer Team premier. So January 27th we can all meet up for that and figure out some details for that later. As for the beginning of December, how does the second weekend work? I was thinking either Friday afternoon (the 11th) or Saturday afternoon (the 12th). Hell, it could even be that Sunday too (the 13th).

So comment below on your available/preferred times for a meet up. As for me, I'm going to be out of town that first week (2-7th), so above are my dates though it could also be the weekend of the 18th (but that's the week before Christmas). Like I said, leave your dates below.
As for location, I know some of you posted in the previous post, but my vote is still Cloak and Blaster. If you know of some place else however you think would be fun, let us know! This whole group is about community, we want to include everyone.