I've decided to try the whole ''workout'' thing again. I haven't done regular workouts in at least 6 months, and now that it's winter I'm not even biking to work so I get even less exercise. I do attend the roller derby practices when I can, but life and work have been getting on the way lately. So I dug up my kettlebell, found a good sounding workout routine online, put on some good tunes and did my first workout today. I feel oddly refreshed after that and I hope to make it a new habit to workout 2-3 times a week.

But, yeah there is a but, I am awful at keeping a regular.. well, anything! So I need your help! If you see me in the chat and I'm being lazy and whiney, ask me if I've done my workout. Harass me into doing them if I'm not, ask to provide pictures as evidence, yell at me until I do them, I don't care. Just help me get back on track! I'm not doing this to lose weight, so my eating habits are most likely still shitty, but it's a start to a healthier me. I'm not gonna weigh myself, or measure myself or anything like that, I just want to feel good in my body.

Much love (and hate), Ida