Hi, friends! We have a lot to talk about this week so let's dive right in, eh?

We streamed our 6th podcast yesterday and it was fantastic. You can check it out on YouTube if you missed it or watch it again if you didn't! Right after our podcast we battled against RT Radio in Drawful for Round 5 of Rooster Rumble. Who won? Click here to watch the whole thing! The rest of our streams are on YouTube now so go back and watch them if you missed one.

Still doing your Christmas shopping? We have the perfect gift for the Pokemon lover in your life.

As we mentioned on the podcast, we have a couple of exciting things happening. First, we now have a Discord chat where you can come hang out and get to know us and other community members better. If you haven't used Discord yet, it's really simple - you just create an account and pick one of the many apps they offer.

We will also be holding a Minecraft/Smite/Minecraft stream this Saturday, December 26th from 12 to 8 PM CST! We want to make one final push to reach our Extra Life goals before fundraising ends for the year. Come watch us on Twitch, play with us, and support our Extra Life efforts!


<3 The Nerd Nest