Okay I know probably by now many people have see Nadine's post and have had their opinions on it. Wether they be good or bad. (Mostly bad...) but guys please take it from me, when she wrote the post she had intentions on bringing issues to light not to drag anyone down or shame them. The main issue she was trying to bring up was the issue of exclusion. Trust me when I say she isn't the only person that has felt this way, many people have. Many people have been coming forward over the past few days saying the same excat thing.

Ever since RTX and after people have felt - actually.. hell even before RTX people were feeling excluded.. Anyways I'll get right to it, yes Nadine did seem to point out a group that is really tight together, however while I agree with her and what she said I can see a little bit of the other side views. However at the same time the other side of you can't say "well you should've just ask and we could have helped/played with you." When talking about playing a game together. Trust me we did that. We played together once maybe twice(?) Now I can say that maybe we could've attempt to ask to play more but after being shot down many times you can imagine how that is going to feel. Having said that I feel as though reaching out once again may not be all that bad after seeing what people have said... Now at RTX i felt excluded wether it be because I couldn't hangout in a hotel room, I didn't get told where anyone was going for lunch or not even being in the groups big RTX picture. (The last one hurt the most .____.) and that really sucks. Like a lot.

Onward to the topic of Guardians. In Nadines post she may have said the following "So you can yell at people to stand in a line, or so you can follow an Achievement Hunter member around." In regards to being a guardian I'm going to admit that the way that is worded and in the tone it's read in, it is not really the prettiest thing. I've spoken to her about it. She admits she was a little heated when she wrote that line, but it's just that she doesn't want to see people she doesn't normally get to hang out with or talk to become guardians. She feels as if they'll be to busy and not be free. She also thinks that people shouldn't be guardians if it's a good buddy's (who the fuck says "good buddy's") first year. But the thing is if people want to become guardians we can't stop them. All we can hope is that maybe, just maybe we can hang out with them for a little bit. I hope next year we can communicate a little better about whose going to which panel so we can all kinda meet up or something. Ya know? Instead of just having people go off and be left guessing who went where and wether they'll make it to this thing later. But that's just me.. In comparison to Nadines post I will now talk about admins. Whaaaaaa

so yeah Podcast.... Man who remembers those. oh umm yes..?....I see a few hands in the backā€¦.

But no seriously it's no secret AS is not the best at keeping track of podcast or planning things but that's another thing it's not easy when 12 people live in different states and are always on different schedules. Now I will be the first to admit I'm not the best admin. OH SHIT ZACH REALLY!?!? *Sarcasm* but then again not everyone can be there best. I give credit to the admins that try to plan things. I say TRY because once again it's hard 12 people have different schedule and shit going on. Anyways I will say and I know for a fact people agree on me when I say this, shit needs to happen. Podcast needs to happen. AS calendar needs to happen. (2016) [Sorry Brendan] we just need to be better at planning things and dividing the work load. We need to be better at communicating, admins if you don't have my number ask me. Need my email ask me. I'm going to say this right here and right now to the admins. If you guys need me to do shit I will try to do that shit and if I can't well then from the bottom of my heart, sorry. Listen I have known you guys for a long time I don't want anything within the admins to come between us <3


Okay let's see what's next....

Oh RTX 2016 now Nadine mentioned in her post about wanting a booth. Which I have no problem with. People might and that's understandable. In my opinion I would rather have a panel in the admins opinion they would tell me to shut up :) but seriously I think it would be cool to do something at RTX 2016. Booth or panel. Which ever one is probably going to get us more known and what not. That's another thing the Afterstreamers have over 200 members. I'll admit I doubt I know over 100 but still I met some great friends and family (eyyyy Marcus) through AS so I feel as though growing us and having more people wouldn't be a really bad thing. How though? How do we get more people to know about us... That I'm not really sure.. I mentioned to the admins that are mods in Ray/Tina/whoever else that maybe they could "advertise" AS. However i now realize that I may have been asking to much just because not many people may show, people don't like the streamers, or whatever other reason and to those of you I asked I'm sorry. However just dropping the Afterstreamers every once in a while may not be such a bad thing.

Now when Nadine saw the reaction people were giving from her post it made her question a lot of things. She said things she didn't mean. She got frustrated and I sorta did as well. It's just.. I hope this post will make people see what she meant and how she means it. She just wants friends back. She doesn't want to leave the Afterstreamers because she feels like no one likes her or cares for her. Or ever did care for her. She cried because of that.. I hate seeing her cry... She just wants things to be how they use to be a while back...

I hope after you guys read this post I have received forgiveness for anything. I hope you guys see the things Nadine meant. I hope you guys can talk to me about anything. I just don't want to see people break apart. I don't want to see people get hurt epically

someone I love deeply. Thank you. - Zach

P.S If over the past few days you have been angry or gotten upset at Nadine/I please speak to me about. We can talk and try to clear things up. I don't want hate.