Happy 2016 to everyone who sees this and even to those who haven't! I hope that this year is filled with joy and laughter and good spirits especially from the lovable dorks at Rooster Teeth! And like most New Years, I still haven't thought of a resolution until now! (Well I kinda of have two but we'll get to that)

1) Post on my journal at least once a week to give a weekly update and hopefully say hi to some friendly faces! (If you couldn't tell, I'm desperate on friends though I have met a few :)!)

2) Participate in the #31DaysofRT that user awkwardlee suggested and I really like so I'll try my hardest to do that for January! If you want more details check out his journal

That's it for all and I'll see all you lovelies soon and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lots of Love,