Forget New Years resolutions, here's a few things I want to do THIS WEEK:

- Drunk RT Halo night. It's been forever since we've done this. I want to roll into BTB or Warzone with a group of Rooster Teeth people at my back, laughing the whole time. Maybe Friday the 8th? Maybe get @GlibShark involved? I have a gigantic bag of vodka gummy bears in my fridge and they need to be consumed somehow, right?

- An afternoon of #OboeTwitter. Usually I do requests for snippets of oboe music on Twitter as last minute, "hey I have an hour with my recording stuff set up let's do this" kind of thing. If I blocked out a chunk of time and announced in advance would you prep your requests? Would you HAVE any requests?

I'd add 'Win the Lottery' to this week but I need to make the money to buy the ticket. Anyone want to commission me to play music for them? To quote George Takei, "I'm very reasonably priced."