Hi guys, it Sammii

Its been a while since I posted in here but lately a lot of stuff has gone on top of me and despite this being really important to me, a lot of things, including this kinda got pushed to the sidelines.

But with a lot of the volunteer work I have been doing , and since starting my new job, I realised how important a place like this is. How important it is not only to give people a place to go for help, but in order to provide that help and advice to them. And despite never losing my desire to do this, recent events have made me want to bring this in from the sidelines and try and keep on top of it.

So I will be passing on interesting advice and articles I see on my man forays into this world. Starting with one that I will write about in just a minute. But I also I have a few ideas that I need to think about and kinda plan before I put them forward.

But anyway I aim to make this a good group to go to for advice.

Even if sometimes I may struggle to find time to do so, I will try to spare time to keep this group updated.. Because its important to me and should be a thing that is important to everyone.