Hey Guys!

As I'm sure most of you know by now, we've had a few problems in the Afterstreamers as of late, and it has caused a lot of friction between members of the group. These arguments have been not just with members but between admins as well, which has made it all the more difficult to get these issues resolved.

We (The Admins) decided to hold a meeting yesterday, to discuss the problems at hand, and work on solutions. It wasn't a short conversation, and there was no easy answer but we all agreed that we wanted to move forward, and start rebuilding the feeling of friendship, and togetherness the Afterstreamers are known for. That doesn't mean everyone has to be friends with everyone else, but it does mean that everyone has to be respectful of everyone else. No exceptions.

We will also be implementing a new code of conduct, a short guideline on appropriate behaviour for all members of the group, present and future. We want to ensure that this community is a safe place, where people are as happy as they can be, and that when people are not happy they have a appropriate way to voice those feelings. We want you to be able to talk to the person you're having issues with, or to feel safe and comfortable enough to talk to an admin about what's bothering you. We want to help mediate and solve problems, or help find solutions that will work for everyone in the group. Part of that is having better communication between admins and members, and admins and each other.

Having open platforms to talk and hangout with everyone is also very important, so if you have yet to join the Discord, we recommend you do that now (if the invite link is expired just let an Admin know and they will invite you in). We will also be reviving the Afterstreamers Twitch Bunker for use during streams. Not just Ray and Tina's streams, if you're watching a stream feel free to use the bunker. If you are not a member of the bunker, you can message myself (Tasia) or anyone else who is already in the bunker your Twitch name, and they will invite you in.

We will also be resuming the Afterstreamers Podcast, which was on a short hiatus post RTX due to scheduling conflicts. We plan on doing the podcast bi-monthly, and you should expect episode #29 within the next couple of weeks. There's also prizes from Extra Life that need to be distributed, and brutal stretch goals that need to be completed!


The Afterstreamer Admins