Hello North Carolina residents! It's going to be a great week! Here are the updates for Lazer Team showings:

January 27th:

Asheville: Carmike 10 - Pending - 40 going 14 needed

Charlotte: AMC Northlake - Sold Out!

Charlotte: Studio Movie Grill - Confirmed! - 113 going 100 tickets left!

Durham: Carmike - Pending - 38 going 26 needed

Durham: AMC Southpoint - Sold Out!

Fayetteville: Carmike - Pending - 25 going 39 needed

Morrisville: Carmike - Confirmed! - 118 going 51 tickets left!

Raleigh: Carmike - Confirmed! - 133 going 43 tickets left! Was previously sold out!

Wilmington: Carmike - Confirmed! - 120 going 20 tickets left!

Winston-Salem: The Grand 18 - Confirmed! - 48 going 87 tickets left!

January 28th

Concord: AMC Concord Mills - Pending - 13 going 45 needed

Mooresville: AmStar 14 - Pending - 4 going 46 needed

As you can see, more theaters are now confirmed AND the theater in Raleigh has added more seats! Keep spreading the word and we'll have Sold Out showings all over North Carolina!

Don't forget about the pre-movie dinner at TGI Fridays in Charlotte hosted by @ErinM!

Also, the pre-movie dinner in Durham will be held at Moe's in Durham! This is the Moe's near the AMC Southpoint Theater, so it'll be really easy to get from dinner to the movie. Plan to meet at Moe's at 5 PM so we have time to eat, talk, and then line up for the movie!

I am also talking to someone who wants to host a pre-movie get together in Wilmington, so be on the lookout for that. I'll be updating again later this week with information on that.

A pre-movie dinner in Wilmington has been CONFIRMED! @improbablewhale has volunteered to host a dinner at Cracker Barrel in Wilmington, NC at 5 PM the day of Lazer Team! For further information, please contact either her or @chibicarrera!

Our friends over at RvBTX have officially challenged us to a Destiny Strike! They will get back to us soon about what Strike we're doing, so go ahead and get started on brushing up on your Destiny skillz.

Have a great week!