So, I'm so excited to announce that I was picked to be a guardian for RTX 2016!

Yay! Happy dance!


I won't let you down @SailorTweek I promise.

In other news, life has kept me from updating too regularly here, but it does mean that I can play catch up and actually post something that is more than just a "hello, I miss you community, how did you all get to be so wonderful?" post.

Still, I really do mean it so, Hi community! I miss you! How did you all get to be so fantastic?

As for me, I'm not sure how regularly I'll be updating on here, although I'll be online checking out all the cool people, content and discussions, per usual.

In short this is what my plate looks like right now:

  • Working on my Lucy Heartfilia cosplay & possibly putting another tbd character on the roster.
  • Taking care of some much needed fixes around the house ( our well pump is being a brat).
  • Job hunting for something that is more in line with what I want to do.
  • Catching up on some much needed gaming, I have a slew of games that have been piling up on my Steam account that have yet to be touched due to my busy work schedule, hopefully I'll be finding some time to squeeze in some more fun.
  • And as always, trying to find time to do some table top stuff in the in between the other crazy stuff and my wonderful job.

Past that, my life has been pretty good, some friends and I celebrated our hero Mr. David Bowie this weekend by listening to his newest album and then drinking our way through the Labyrinth which was plenty of fun.

Also, if you haven't seen Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman, I believe it's the most appropriate way to celebrate this wonderful man. I highly suggest checking it out for some laughs and epic gratitude of this wonderful actor.

Anywho, that's all I have for now.