Happy Tuesday, friends! We hope your calendars are clear for Saturday, February 13th because we want you to be our Valentines! <3 Details coming soon. ;)


We had another fun-filled week of streaming! Kim played through Episode 4 of Life is Strange; Zoey had a brief, but fun time playing Star Wars Battlefront; Sarah played a bit of Grow Home (RIP Glowworm and Dodo friends); Kim leveled up her PS4 Titan in Destiny; and Kim, Sammii, and Sarah finished up some story missions during our Destiny Game Night.

Heads-up: There will be no Wednesday stream this week as both Sarah and Kim will be out watching Lazer Team! Wooo!


Clare was out and Anthony was in charge (so blame him) of this week's podcast. He was joined by Sarah and Kim to discuss upcoming movies, flaws, golf, and more. Don't miss the next one! Tune in to Twitch this Sunday, January 31 at 12 PM CST to share your thoughts on whatever we talk about next!

Community Game Night:

We're playing Town of Salem on PC this Saturday, January 30 at 6 PM CST! Want to know the best part? It's free! All you have to do is navigate to the Town of Salem website, create an account, comment/tweet us with your username, and then be online at the time above! Kim (Town of Salem username kimbykat) will get you in the game and then you can lie, sneak, and kill your way to victory! Mwuahaha!

Can't play? Well, not gonna lie that we're pretty bummed out. But you can still hang out and chat with us while you watch the action on Twitch!

<3 The Nerds