It almost seemed like yesterday this community had received the terrible news from the RT Staff. I remember relaxing at home during the day and then I got a message from my brother on Facebook asking me if I had seen the RT site lately. I was not sure what he meant at the time until I finally went to the website. Right then and there I looked at Matt's Journal entry and my heart just sank lower than I had thought possible. Monty passed away and I didn't know what to think about it at the time.

But. . .despite the tragic event that took place so long ago, the delicate flower bloomed into something beautiful. Something that has been inspired by the memories of Monty Oum. I know there are a lot of ways that phrase could be interpreted to each of us. One example I could give here is seeing how much RWBY has evolved in Volume 3 since the end of Volume 2. Both the characters in the show and the cast & crew that worked hard to make this happen.

Monty. . .I don't know if you are out there watching over us, but I wish you could have seen all the wonderful things that has occurred since your passing. I still haven't forgot you as I'm sure everyone else has not either. Hope you are doing well out there, where ever you may be.