Happy Groundhog Day! Good ol' Phil did not see his shadow this morning which means Spring is on the way! Come on and celebrate with us!


We added a new stream to our rotation this week! - Sammii will now be streaming on Thursdays at 5:30 PM CST! We're very excited about it and hope you can check her streams out!

Kim finished up Life is Strange this week; Zoey and Sammii had fun in Destiny; Sammii debuted her first stream with a little GTA V and Dragon Age: Inquisition; Kim played with her Titan some more; and Michael and Kim lied and killed their way through our Town of Salem Game Night! We also released some highlights from our Extra Life 2015 stream! Watch as Clare plays Assassin's Creed Syndicate for the first time!


Anthony, Gabe, Kim, and Sarah chatted about Lazer Team, YouTube drama, mental health, and more in our 12th podcast! We hope to see you at the next one on Twitch on Sunday, February 7th at 12 PM CST!

Community Game Night:


We're playing Halo: Reach on the 360 this Saturday, February 6th at 6 PM CST! Message gamertag kimbykat to join the fun (and hopefully less failing than that gif shows) or you can watch and chat with us live on Twitch!

Clans & Guilds & Stuff:

As we mentioned on the podcast, we've got both a Destiny clan and a Spartan Company that could use some loving! If you want to play with us or people like us when we're on, then go ahead and send a request to join! See you on the battlefield.

<3 The Nerds