So I've got a lot going for me I think, I'm going to be a Guardian at RTX, I'm going to Columbia College Chicago for college, I've got some of the sweetest and most accepting friends of all time and yet somehow I still feel empty. I love my friends but they are separating, we say its only temporary but what about when I go to college? I just get new ones? I don't want to forget them. I'm going to the college of my dreams but I'm not sure if I can ever transition because of my family's history of breast cancer. My father, who abused me and doesn't care for who am just who he thought I was, is continuing to hurt me and my family who is always low on funds just because he can. And I have a hope, one which I fear may be wrong, a hope that I can even have a possibility of becoming successful in the gaming entertainment industry which I have been trying to enter for 5 years now. And despite those 5 years I'm not even sure if a single person might read this. I never wanted to be famous necessarily I just wanted to make something people cared about existing that's why I've always looked of to Monty as my guide to never give up. I just hope that my bad luck changes someday soon, because I won't give up, I would just love to have some feedback for once.