Yesterday was the first day that it was just me and Osedax (my puppy) in the apartment. Everything was good while I did chores and watched YouTube until it was time for me to take a shower.

You see, Osedax can't be trusted to not pee on the carpet yet, and he also dislikes being in a different room as you. So I decided to shut him in the bathroom with me.

It turns out that he wasn't at all happy about being in the bathroom. He cried loudly and tried to crawl into the shower with me until I eventually gave in and let him in.

He was good for about 10 seconds until he realized he was getting wet, then suddenly he was unhappy and whimpering helplessly around my ankles. Eventually he realized I wasn't going to save him from the water, so he tried to claw his way up the shower curtain, at which point I trapped him between my ankles until I was done.

Before shutting the water off, I reached down to him and felt that he was a little cold. So I picked him up and held him against my chest while letting the hot water fall on him... And then he just melts. He spreads himself out across my chest, shuts his eyes and just soaks in the hot water like its the best thing he's ever felt (which it just might have been).

I let him enjoy the water for a minute or two then we get out and I towel him off, which he also absolutely loved. He fluffed the fur all over his little body and then ran around the living room, rubbing against everything... It was so adorable.

Here's my most recent picture of the little monster from last night after dinner: