Hey guys!

Sorry to ask, but we could really use your help with something. Our Machinima stations are currently under construction and we need some reference images of some things from Halo 4 as soon as possible.

What we're looking for are images of the "Comm Tower" in Exile from Season 11 and the "Radio Jammer Tower" from the Vertigo Map used in Season 12.

We're trying to get images of the towers in their entirety. Something that gives us a good look at the towers' silhouettes. If you guys could tweet your images to @PattheWanderer, we'd really appreciate it!

Whether you can get a clean capture of the towers or just a pic from your phone doesn't matter. Anything helps.

Thanks so much, guys!


EDIT: We got everything we needed! That was CRAZY-fast! You guys are the best. Thank you again!