As I sit here watching The Philadelphia Story for the umpteenth time, it occurs to me that with every viewing of this magnificent film, the more I come to realize that I see parts of myself in the character of Elizabeth Imbrie (played by the incomparable Ruth Hussey), but even more, I see who I aspire to be like.

While it's so easy to be initially drawn to Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) -- and don't get me wrong, her biting wit and charming drunkenness are some of the best parts of the script -- the more I watch the film, the more I pay attention to Ms. Imbrie.

Elizabeth is equally sassy and sly. She is talented, yet practical. While Mike (James Stewart) is the dreamer of the pair, Liz is the realist, understanding that sometimes you have to do things you don't particularly like, while she can also find humor or joy in everything she faces. She is strong, independent, and patient, not jaded by her romantic past or present, but understanding that things take time, and that sometimes it's better not to push it.

While it might not be the best to aspire to be like a fictional character, I don't particularly care at the moment. I see in Elizabeth Imbrie the type of adult I would like to be. Also, if I could even just have half her wit, I'll be good.