As so many of us did yesterday at 10AM CST I attempted to grab VIP Tickets to RTX2016. I was lucky enough to put one in my checkout cart and with a goofy smile on my face I proceeded to try and check out. I put in all my details, chose the Will Call option for shipping and clicked to proceed. To my surprise the frontgate site asked me to specify a shipping option for my Sponsor VIP Tickets. I was confused to say the least and tried to figure out what was happening. After the 3 attempts that the site allowed, my VIP ticket was taken away. Thankfully that was pretty early in the process and I was able to grab another ticket and try again. The same error happened, and I decided to take screenshots.I chose will call and it still gave me the error.

Fast forward to after 11AM CST when all VIP tickets were gone, the frontagatetickets customer service email only responded to me twice and suggested I call. Which I did, after the error happened on both Chrome and Firefox and for regular 3-day passes. The manager I was transferred to over was almost condescending when he said that it had to be a problem with my browsers since other people had had no problem. Over the phone I booked my 3-day pass and that was that. But let me tell you I was by that point so incredibly mad that calling frontgate made me shake, I had to restraint from throwing my phone against the wall after finishing that call.

RTX2015 was a strange experience for me, the VIP ticket was its saving grace and being a VIP one more time before trying for guardianship or possibly skipping a year was something I was really looking forward too. So when this whole ordeal happened it took the combined effort of some new RT friends @ArnettV @WB_Spartan and one of my best friends in the world @swimchikk to calm me down enough to get me to buy the 3-day passes.

Honestly though it makes me sad that in my mind I have settled for a 3-day pass, but after last year's VIP experience there really is no better way to experience RTX. I am still so incredibly amazed that the VIP ticket I virtually had in my hands was snatched away by some weird website error.

This is my shot in the dark, see if @gus, @Barbara, @Bethany, anybody sees this.